Home is where the food is. At least, that’s our belief at Rustler's. We’re passionate about serving up good food, and we know you are too.

You want to make the most of every moment with your loved ones. You look for delicious, nutritious food that you can easily make at home. You won’t settle for anything less than exceptional quality and taste.


Throughout the world, Rustler's is synonymous with BBQ Sauce and Flavored ketchup. We sell many bottles of Rustler's ketchup every year and approximately two single-serve packets of ketchup for every man, woman and child on the planet. For millions of families the world over.

At any given moment, on any given continent, the employees of Rustler's are hard at work...creating new products, perfecting fresh ideas, and developing nutritious and innovative foods for today's families. Rustler's is a trusted name for consumers, a valued partner in the community, and a great investment with tremendous growth potential.




"Our family loves Rustler's and we've tried a lot of sauces. We still haven't found THE sauce yet. Would love to try this one."


"i'm totally going to make these order for my super bowl party."


"Awesome! I'll be order this again."

--Chris webber

"Love it!. Great recipe!"

--Steve Jone

"No can beat rustler in taste and Quality."


The sauce is the Best, I get it by the case


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